Daily Car Insurance

Daily Car Insurance

For immediate short term insurance cover you can take out daily car insurance online. This is a temporary car insurance that allows you to insure yourself to drive a car or van for between 1 and 28 days, so you can temporarily cover yourself for almost a month.

This type of daily car cover has proved to be popular as it allows you to insure yourself in situations where your normal policy does not provide cover or where you are not insured at all. It is a great way for you to get insured at short notice and when you are in a hurry. You apply online to get a quote just like you would for an annual policy except the forms tend to be a lot shorter and quicker to complete. Depending on your particular circumstances your quote will be calculated, you can choose to go ahead with the cover or adjust your quote.

Temporary car insurance for between 1 and 28 days

There are many different situations where you may find that a daily car insurance policy would be useful or preferable. If you are using a courtesy car from a garage as your own car is in for repairs you may need a separate policy for which a daily one will suffice.

Often friends or relatives borrow each others vehicles, you may be going on a trip and your car is too small so you arrange to borrow a larger car owned by your friend or a relative. If you are only borrowing the car for a day then you can get a temporary policy to cover your for that period.

What if you are buying a new car or at least a relatively new used car? If you buy it from a garage auction or over the internet you still need to drive it home. You can get a quick insurance policy to cover you to drive your car home rather than risk losing your car if you are stopped by the police or if you have an accident.

You can get a competitively priced policy online right now no matter what time or day it is. You can specify for your insurance to start right away and you can print off the documentation on your home or work printer.

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