Daily Car Insurance

Daily Car Insurance For Under 21 Year Olds

You can get a daily car insurance policy online from several UK insurers, most of these types of policy are available from the specialist insurance providers. There are however more of the mainstream established companies that are starting to provide daily insurance.

Whilst this type of temporary car insurance has been available for many years it is still a relatively new method of getting insured. Over the last few years in the UK many of the insurers have been tightening up the qualifying prerequisites for being able to take out this type of policy. It used to be the case that you could get your car insured pretty much across the board. However in recent times they have become much stricter when providing daily car insurance policies.

Under 21 daily insurance

One such major change in policy requirements are the age limits of who can and who cannot be covered with this type of policy. At present it is the case that daily car insurance for under 21 year olds is not available. The youngest qualifying age for most insurers is now 23 years old which means that if you are younger you are unlikely to get covered.

There are several reasons for not providing younger drivers with day insurance, one of the major factors is that younger drivers particularly the under 25's are a much higher insurance risk. For this reason alone most insurers do not provide temp cover. Those that do provide cover to those in their early to mid twenties also usually have restriction on what types of vehicle that you can insure. This is usually restricted by insurance group, the higher rated groups are excluded to young drivers.

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